Thigh Lift

So – why a thigh lift? If you have sagging skin on the inside of your thigh, the excess skin can be only be cut out and the thigh lifted.

The procedure removes excess skin and fat from your inner thighs and can be done alone or in combination with liposuction.

Two medial thigh lift techniques are utilized:

1. Medial thigh lift- The incision/scar in located along the inner thigh crease. This is best for people with a small amount of sagging skin.

2. Extended medial thigh lift- The incision/scar goes along the inner thigh crease and down the thigh to the knee on the inner aspect of the thigh. This is used for people with a lot of sagging skin that needs to be removed.

Our team features some of the best cosmetic surgeons in town and each of them utilizes several cutting edge techniques that can be customized to your specific needs and desires for your body. All options will be discussed in your consultation.


Liposculpturing (Liposuction) is the most valuable technique used to improve the contour of thighs. The goal is to smooth out the contours of the thighs and knee areas by removing some of the excess fat. Small incisions are used to access the fat and by using specialized liposuction techniques, fat is removed to create thinner better shaped legs

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite cannot be removed, but it can be improved. There are surgical and nonsurgical options that improve cellulite. Surgical options include subcision (cutting the attachments creating the dimple) and fat transfer to fill it out and improve the indentations. Nonsurgical options include using externally applied heat based technologies, such as radio frequency to tighten and make the skin smoother.

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