This question is going to haunt me to my grave. It’s always being asked!
What is the most frequently performed anti-aging surgery? Well... the answer coincides directly with my patients most frequent demand.

On a daily basis, both women and men want me to do something to make them look less tired. Less serious looking. More rested. “I don’t like looking tired all the time!”

Let me ask you to consider for a minute; how do we assess someone’s energy level and alertness? Myself along with most of you make that judgement call subconsciously by looking at a persons eyes. Since that is the case, my answer is simple. The most frequent anti-aging
surgery I perform is enhancing the eye area.

Here’s the thing. My younger patients (30-40 years old) can starve off early aging around the eyes through the use of neuroblockers such as Botox to smooth and lift the area. Sometimes, even a filler can be used to make small changes. But as we age, we lose volume and our skin
starts to sag. That sagging is the “serious and tired look”.

If I’m being specific with you, the most common surgical procedures are upper and lower blepharoplasties. Blepharoplasty is a fancy medical word (and fun word to say) that describes the cosmetic surgical procedures performed to make the upper and lower eyelid areas look better. Forehead lifts are also very commonly used to lift dropping brows and sagging skin at the sides of the eyes. Both of these surgeries are commonly sought after by both women and men.

Imagine what we’d all be asking for if our subconscious judgment of “someone’s energy level” was somewhere else!